Katy Lindberg offers dressage training, lessons and horse boarding at her farm Rancho de la Angostura,  in beautiful Algodones, New Mexico, 35 minutes from Albuquerque, 45 from Santa Fe and just down the hill from Placitas. She also gives frequent clinics in both Los Alamos and Maureen Maestas’ Hell Canyon Farms in Santa Fe.

Rancho de la Angostura  is a small facility in the Rio Grande Valley. Katy lives right on the property. The peaceful setting, compassionate and high quality individual care assures both horses and humans are happy.

Katy combines her life skills, initially as a Chemical Engineer (BChE, Georgia Tech) with her lifelong dedication to dressage riding and teaching. She became a full-time, professional instructor in 1989. Two other major influences in her riding approach are Tai Chi  and her hobby, K9 Search and Rescue.

She provides a logical, clear and concise instruction based on the positive motivation of the horse, and the underlying theory behind the exercises being performed.

Katy emphasizes rider position and the influence of the aides and thru soft  communication  only achieved thru learning a balanced seat and independent aides.

Through years of study, Katy attributes her knowledge to both wonderful equine partners and from studying with mentors such as Dolly Hannon, Rick Klaassen, Tom Poulin, Nancy Chesney, Dinah Babcock, Carol Lavell, and Pam Goodrich.

Katy believes that she should also look to the world outside of dressage to improve her teaching skills. She has practiced Tai Chi, Chi Gung and Taoist Meditation for over 15 years. She has studied and put into practice theories from reading animal behaviorist Karen Pryor, and Temple Grandin. The positive reinforcement techniques used in training her Golden Retriever,Hondo, to become a certified Wilderness Search and Rescue Dog and a certified FEMA Urban Search and Rescue handler/K9 team, has greatly influenced her training techniques with horses.

Katy also attends horse shows and hosts clinics at the farm. Visit the calendar page and contact Katy for more information: 505-280-4849

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