Rancho de la Angostura is a special place. Surrounded by red canyons and shady cottonwood trees, the facility is located in Algodones, between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The five acre facility consists of grass pastures, a lighted, all weather sand-rubber arena, round pen, access to trails and large, airy stalls. Katy’s home is on the premises.

Lighted, all-weather arena

Long Term Boarding:

All horses have a large airy stall with deep outside overhang and an extra large (60’x30′) paddock. We call them a one bedroom condo with a porch and yard! They are turned out in grass pastures when possible.

Springtime at Rancho Manana

Each horse is on a personalized feed program to suit their needs. They receive three meals a day of high-quality grass or alfalfa hay and grain, based on owners input.

Supplements provided by the owner are fed once a day. Blanketing is available at an extra charge.

Veterinary and Farrier Care

Regular worming, vaccinations and shoeing are required. We have an excellent veterinarian and farrier who make routine calls to the farm. However, owners are welcome to bring in their own health care professionals.

Contact Katy to learn about board and training packages.


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  1. steve Says:

    hi katy i love the look of this site

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